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Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychology involves determining how well the brain is working when it is disrupted by a brain injury or by a psychological disorder. Our comprehensive neuropsychological assessments are individually tailored to the specific needs of your client. They measure a wide range of mental and cognitive functions. Within the forensic domain, neuropsychological assessment is an enormously powerful tool that can be utilized to answer a variety of psycholegal questions in both the civil and criminal realms. In civil litigation, forensic neuropsychological evaluations often involve the determination of the presence or absence of neurocognitive and/or psychiatric disorders, causality related to a specific event or injury, documentation of the extent of functional deficits, analysis of limitations to competence or daily functioning, prognosis, and disability status. In criminal litigation, the neuropsychological examination may be used to assist in determining competency to stand trial, issues of responsibility for the crime, or in sentencing and mitigation. The clinical team at FAF is composed of licensed clinical psychologists who have received extensive training in neuropsychological assessment in academic medical centers across New York City.

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